The efforts made by a downsizing company to help former employees transition to new jobs

and help them re-orient themselves in the job market is a vital part of corporate social responsibility and brand perception. The way in which people are treated when leaving a company has a huge impact on both their organisation and its view in the employment marketplace. It has been proved time and again that, even in times of company distress, leavers should be nurtured and assisted thus ensuring that they maintain positivity and positive word-of-mouth upon leaving. Our outplacement facility, out-boarding if you like, ensures all employment obligations are met with, whilst providing a feel-good factor which, when the good times return, should allow your business the opportunity to rehire that same individual.

We utilise the same services we use to assess leadership to find out what makes the clients departing employee tick. We then have face to face meetings, telephone calls and email communication providing an unparalleled level of support for each individual on a bespoke basis. This is not an off-the-shelf set product but rather an extension of the level of synergy we develop with our clients. The benefits of this approach is amazing, as we can not only advise the individuals but also proactively help them find roles, as the benefits of all our candidate services are rolled into this option.
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