Chair & Non-Executive Appointments

Looking to build a portfolio of NED and Chairperson roles? Look no further.

Our clients are always on the look-out for executive board members who can add value in a non-executive capacity. From startup businesses looking to build a world-class leadership team to established businesses needing to follow regulatory board compliance, opportunities are always available for the right individuals.

Non-Executive and Chairperson roles: The perfect culmination of your entire work experience.

During the working years of our life we learn a great deal. Simple things that we take for granted such as time-management, deal negotiation, people management to complex in-industry processess and procedures all become locked away in our heads. Being a Non-Exec or Chairperson allows you to offer guidance, mentoring and a whole host of other abilities you have to the leaders of tomorrow. Your career legacy can endure long after you have left the corporate ladder yet continue to financially reward you.
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