Human Capital Acquisition Program

Browne Fairchild actively engage with top performing talent through our Human Capital Acquisition Program (HCAP™).

Talent is targeted, engaged and slowly introduced to a client up to 36 months prior to the planned requirement. In a nutshell, our HCAP™ program puts your business in contact with more top tier talent than any other recruitment methodology. It allows low to mid-positioned business access to the top tier of an industries people and enhances succession planning and innovation for those already at the top. For businesses in an expansion drive, it means that they can focus on getting the metrics right and leave the talent attraction to the specialists in our business.

To be successful the HCAP™ program uses a number of factors to ensure channels remain open between the client, the candidates and ourselves. We take pride in our confidentiality and ensure that Non-Disclosure Agreements are always signed thus ensuring our work stays in the boardroom. Whilst many of our competitors love to discuss their each and every client with the world via websites, social media links and loose talk, we choose to remain anonymous our clients knowing that they are always in safe, discreet hands.
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