How We Do It

Whether its completing a CEO mandate for an international client or sourcing a new opportunity for a board-level director, one word sums up how we work at Browne Fairchild on a daily basis..."Proactively"

Any of our clients or candidates will tell you that we are the most proactive executive search business in the industry. We create opportunities for our clients with other industry leaders, arrange meetings for our connections with others that could add value, source candidates for our clients that they didn't even know they needed yet, the list is endless.

Our proactivity is how we ensure we stay ahead of the pack, turning ideas into reality on a daily basis for our global connections.

Proactivity comes as standard

In the modern era of email conversations, web-only communication portals, text messaging, chat rooms and, dare we mention it, Facebook, the art of direct communication is starting to feel a little lost. After all, it is much easier to send a single line message or a quick carbon-copy email than it is to speak directly with someone or write an informative bespoke message.

Browne Fairchild does things differently. We speak to people (a lot). we write bespoke emails and letters to people (a lot). We avoid Facebook! Whilst the online/offline war has taken no prisoners, we have strongly developed our internal protocols to mirror what our clients want - clear and concise communication.

Picking up the phone and making a cold call or creating and executing a complex board-level team move is second nature to us. And the strange thing is, we love doing it!

6 Degrees of Networking

The ability to contact people who can make things happen is essential in modern business. The faster a business reacts to an opportunity or situation, the more likely a successful outcome will prevail.

When you work with Browne Fairchild, our decades of contacts and connections become yours, also allowing you access to the best talent on a global basis. When you start to consider that the best individuals know other high performers, the only question you need to ask is how much capacity your business has for new talent?

Precruitment is the new Recruitment

The process of recruiting talent for an enterprise is usually reactive in its nature. The decision for a new leader is made, the brief is drawn up, the mandate sent out and then the individual is sourced for the role. But what if this could be done differently?

Our Human Capital Acquisition Plan (HCAP) allows businesses to source key talent up to 36 months prior to intake, more than enough to cover the most detailed of succession plans. Did we mention it actually costs you less than our standard recruitment process too?

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