Flexible Payment Options

All clients are different, all mandates unique so why are executive search fees all so similar?

Payment. The one area of executive search that nobody wants to discuss. Well, nobody except Browne Fairchild. We want to ensure that our multinational and start-up clients alike are able to receive our best practice recruitment services, regardless of cash flow. This is possible by allowing flexibility in all aspects of our fee payment structure thus offering one-off, monthly, equity, split, success-based and stock options as open payment terms. Clarity and transparency of our fee structure are fundamental parts of our business.

Our payment structures flexibility is designed with your business in mind, allowing you to control the way in which we integrate with your company from the ground up. From a one-off search with a linear payment plan to a start-up, first round funded concept that wants a partnership with equity as settlement, we have designed our business around our clients long-term business plans, not a short-term "invoice and run" scenario shown in most of the recruitment industry today. We know that paying an invoice is never an exciting process, but as you will find out when you hire Browne Fairchild, there is no reason for it to be a painful one either.
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