expert screening and testing

Just because somebody says they are an expert does not make them an expert.

Browne Fairchild's expert screening and testing service ensures that your executive hire says, acts and delivers as you originally planned and ensures that your executive hire are as accomplished as they say they are. We also monitor key demographics and take the resulting data into consideration when putting executive hires together for leadership roles, an area that is generally overlooked. Companies often fall foul of cutting corners when it comes to screening so our offering is invaluable for our international clients, regardless of size.

Companies invariably interview candidates prior to hiring but who screens the interviewers? Our screening process once again ensures best practice when conducting important interviews for key positions, allowing full transparency for all concerned stakeholders. Interviews for executive hires should be arranged subject to the key criteria of the role at hand being assessed and the most suitable interviewers called into the project. Long gone are the days of a handshake on the golf-course or an agreement made in the executive locker room, todays businesses need a tactical competitive advantage, not the entitlement-based hiring processes of days gone by.
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