Executive Search & Selection

The basis for business success is to attract, secure, develop and retain the sectors best talent.

Our executive search function is built upon proactivity, not database entry, so our work is always fresh and up-to-date. Once a detailed brief has been compiled and agreed upon we proceed to map out the potential targets with information gathered from up to 3 degrees of separation. This early stage attention to detail ensures that when we target an individual we have not spoken to before, we know more than just their name. Throughout the entire process we are acting as our clients brand ambassador, ensuring that candidates engage with the brand and the company ethos.

Once the shortlist is selected, that is the moment our real work starts. Generating interest in a position is one thing, guiding an individual to resign from a role to join another business is altogether harder. The most important aspect of executive search is not only the sourcing and assessment of suitable individuals; ensuring our clients get who they want and how they want them is how success is determined in our sector. All our consultants are accomplished negotiators and career mentors, thus allowing candidates to freely discuss all aspects of the job at hand. After all, your success is our success.
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