Organisational Diversity & Inclusion

Organisational Diversity and Inclusion can offer numerous opportunities or legal minefields for the employer.

The process of sourcing, hiring and developing individuals outside of the dominant group to mirror the changing demographics of the global business marketplace is now commonplace within most large and international businesses. The challenge of understanding how to leverage this area to best effect whilst part of a corporate social responsibility strategy is a difficult one for most small to medium sized businesses. Even for large organisations, the lack of understanding the commercial benefits of diversity and inclusion is widespread. Thankfully, Browne Fairchild can help on all fronts as a specialist in this field.

Executive search firms are hired by diversity-conscious organisations that have developed processes to aid with their equality agendas, but who supervises the executive search firms leading these mandates? Routinely these businesses are not diverse in their own hiring processes, have little in the way of internal expertise in the topic and thus are not capable of leading a search with a diversity, inclusion or equality agenda behind it. Browne Fairchild’s diversity practice is headed by one of the leading figures in this area whom our clients can call upon to discuss related projects in an unbiased manner. It is this approach that allows private and public companies peace of mind when entrusting a search mandate to Browne Fairchild.
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