CV Rewriting Service

A well written CV can mean the difference between a job application and a job interview.

Instead of just a career document we can rewrite your CV to become a focused, personal career history interspersed with data to create a specific actionable prompt. As international head-hunters we have seen nearly every possible CV variant, many produced by so-called career experts. Browne Fairchild is able to rewrite your CV to directly target your desired career path or ambitions as viewed from a recipients perspective. We spend hours discussing your career history with you, understanding your major successes and achievements and then modify your existing CV to truly reflect your abilities.

What is the most profitable investment?...The one you make in yourself!

As we view things from an executive search perspective, we know what makes an excellent CV and how to convert this static document into a call-for-action i.e. picking up the phone and calling you. As this is a bespoke service we are happy to discuss this with you one-to-one.
The cost for this service including an in-depth consultation is only £200 + VAT with a 7-day turnaround so call us today on +44 (0)207 504 1295 to discuss this option further.

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