Human Capital Acquisition Program

Executive Search Best Practice

Mapping top performing individuals in a sector is one thing. Actively engaging those same individuals on a one-to-one basis with a view to securing their talent requires an altogether different plan.

HCAP™: Bringing the best in talent to your business

Browne Fairchild actively engage with top performing talent through our Human Capital Acquisition Program (HCAP™). Talent is targeted, engaged and slowly introduced to a client up to 36 months prior to the planned requirement.
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Our Eyes on Your Market

We see and hear things in the market that we act upon for our clients, acting as a true business partner

The way in which information flows can ensure success or failure within a market. Information intelligence is a business asset in its broadest sense and the way in which we harvest and process it can lead to amazing opportunities for our clients.

Why Use HCAP™?

Imagine connecting with talent, knowing they may be joining your business in 12 months time: HCAP™ makes it happen!

It a nutshell, our HCAP™ program puts your business in contact with more top tier talent than any other recruitment methodology. It can allow a low to mid-positioned business access to the top tier of an industries people and can enhance succession planning and innovation for those already at the top.

Our Services Overview:

Executive Search & Selection

The basis for business success is to attract, secure, develop and retain the best talent. Our executive search function is built upon proactivity, not database entry, so our work is always fresh and up-to-date.

Interim & Consultancy Appointments

Sometimes the need arises for additional talent on a project basis. Browne Fairchild is able to connect our clients with interim specialists and consultants for both short-term and long-term contracts.

Chair & Non-Executive Appointments

Corporate leadership and the building of successful boards is the cornerstone of modern business. Our board-building services ensure transparency, diversity and inclusion to maximise your businesses potential.

Succession Planning

Succession Planning: The process for identifying and developing internal or external personnel with the potential to fill key business leadership positions within the company.

In an ideal business world every leader would have a successor – a "the king is dead; long live the king" scenario. In reality it is very difficult to ensure succession that adds value to a business. Browne Fairchild have a number of organisational development tools aimed at either developing succession plans within a business and highlighting future leaders or working with internal HR to develop job specifications that attract the successors needed.

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Outplacement: The efforts made by a downsizing company to help former employees transition to new jobs and help them re-orient themselves in the job market and achieved through practical advice and psychological support.

The way in which people are treated when leaving a company has a huge impact on both their personal and the companies brand image. It has been proved time and again that, even in times of company distress, leavers should be nurtured and assisted thus ensuring that they maintain positivity and positive word-of-mouth upon leaving. Our outplacement facility, outboarding if you like, ensures all employment obligations are met with, and then some.

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Organisational Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity: The process of sourcing, hiring and developing individuals outside of the dominant group to mirror the changing demographics of the global business marketplace.

Many of our competitors profess to cover diversity but both their hiring processes and executive search consultants do not mirror the pitch. Browne Fairchild was set up to tackle diversity head-on. Not by using positive discrimination or favouritism to force it to work but by having a multi-cultural workforce and utilising a meritocratic system for selecting our client's future employees. Success is both colour-blind and genderless when working with Browne Fairchild.

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Expert Screening and Testing

Just because somebody says they are an expert does not make them an expert. Our Expert Screening and Testing service ensures that your panel says, acts and delivers as you originally planned.

Browne Fairchild incorporates a screening offering to ensure that your panel are as accomplished as they say they are. We also ensure that key demographics are taking into consideration when putting panels together for key leadership roles, an area that is often overlooked. Companies often fall foul of cutting corners when it comes to screening so our offering is invaluable for most of our clients.

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Flexible Payment Options

All of our clients are different, all of our assignments are unique so why force a strict "one size fits all" payment structure when we can innovate our fees instead?

Payment. The one area of executive search that nobody wants to discuss. Well, we do! We want to ensure that our multinational and start-up clients get the same treatment. This is possible by allowing flexibility in all aspects of our fee structure thus offering one-off, monthly, split, success-based and shares and stock options as payment terms. Clarity and transparency are key to the Browne Fairchild experience, from concept to completion.

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