Chair & Non-Executive Appointments

Corporate leadership and the building of successful boards is the cornerstone of modern business.

Our board-building services ensure transparency, diversity and inclusion to maximise your businesses potential. Browne Fairchild is able to connect our clients with Non-Executive Directors and Chairpersons from either a current pool of known professionals or by headhunting the key individuals needed to make your company's leadership a success. Our board-level contacts are a valuable resource, ensuring that you find the best person for the role within the shortest period of time possible.

Our NEDs, Chairmen and Chairwomen are from the top 1% of performers, individuals whom you can entrust your companies leadership to with the knowledge that the outcome will be as planned or better. The reason we connect with the best board leaders on the market is due to the transparency of our payment structures. Our board members are fully aware of the margins we charge and the overall compensation for the work to be done. This way allows them to fully maximise their earnings potential and thus want to work with Browne Fairchild on future projects.
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