Career Guidance  &  Private Coaching

Career Guidance: Future-proof your employment prospects with tactical career entry and exit points.

Most people focus their attention on entering a position; the top 1% also focus their attention on exiting a position. True wealth creation is not based on luck. With careful guidance, being in the right place at the right time can be controlled and exploited. By planning your career in greater depth and creating a 10 year working timeline, we can help plan and execute your career moves to achieve a specific objective. Why wait for head-hunters to call you when you can create a winning strategy based on your goals and ambitions?
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You studied to get an MBA so why didn't you study how to interview better?

Why spend £000,000s studying for entry into a specific career then neglect to invest in even one hour's interview training? With our guidance you can become a much clearer, concise interview performer. We can assist you to excel within an interview environment, with advice on everything from personal sales techniques and best practice to training on how to close an interview to get to the next stage.
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