Career Guidance & Private Coaching

Future proof your career with tactical career entry and exit points

Most people focus their attention on entering a position; the top 20% also focus on exiting a position. With careful guidance, being in the right place at the right time can be controlled and exploited.

You studied to get an MBA so why didn't you study how to interview better?

Why spend £00,000s studying for entry into a specific career then neglect to invest in even one hours interview training? With our guidance you can become a much clearer, concise interview performer.
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Why you Need It?

The war for outstanding talent is tough but the war for outstanding roles is even tougher.

Every day, as international head-hunters, we realise the need for developing our candidates interview skills to ensure that they have the competitive edge when it comes to securing the best career opportunities.

CV Rewriting Services

A well written CV can mean the difference between a job application and a job interview.

As an additional service, we can rewrite your CV to professional standards. Instead of just a career document you will have a focused, personal career history interspersed with data to create a specific call to action.

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Board & Executive Appointments

Our search mandates are confidential by name and executive by nature. We rarely use traditional media to advertise our positions, preferring to attract talent via strategic headhunting, our network and various multi-media formats.

Interim & Consultancy Appointments

We search for the best interims and consultants to introduce our clients to across multiple industries. Whether you're a seasoned interim professional or you are a board director looking at consultancy for the first time, we want to know.

Chair & Non-Executive Appointments

Our Non-Executive Director and Chairperson search work is fundamental to our focus on leadership. We reach out to individuals wishing to add appointments to their portfolio or to use their expertise in a board leadership capacity.

Proactive Recruitment Targeting

The hidden job market exists. Whether best practice or not, a vast number of positions never come out into the public domain. How do we know this fact? Because we place numerous leaders within these roles via our proactive recruitment methodology!

This service is only available to the best of the best due to the time and effort we place in proactively sourcing new opportunities. Although we do not charge the candidate for this service, we demand continuous communication, interaction and information to ensure we open the doors that you can successfully close, thus ensuring our fee and your new position. In the last 15 years we have successfully completed numerous proactive executive sourcing campaigns so are experts in this field.

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